Company policy and goals

The company policy and goals is to continuously improve the technological processes and the quality of products. Company’s employees regularly conduct surveys of their customers in order to identify the most relevant and significant requirements for the company's products as well as to the service and quality of services.

Product quality and customer’s satisfaction are priorities of our company.

The most modern methods of research are being used in production and own developments are introduced. The company extends full support to its customers.

Long-term and business relationships  with the companies from more than 30 countries of the world  are the result of the responsible and conscientious attitude to the partners. Novochrom’s production takes the leading positions in the market.

Nevertheless, one of the main company goals is expanding its global presence, searching for new sales destinations, countries and regions and also an increase of client base.

We can say that Novochrom for many years will remain one of the leaders of its industry, taking into consideration the technological capabilities, experience, confident and competent approach to the exploitation of new products, constant development  and modernization of the company. The company goal is to maintain its leading positions and increase the achieved success.