Social programs

Social policy is an essential part of the personnel management system. А responsible company always takes care of its own staff and the  development of the company’s human potential. In the long-term, this approach provides the company with sustainable work and gives employees confidence in the future.  In Novochrom Ltd there is pay rise annually based on the results of financial activity. The company's management is responsible for maintaining a decent level of remuneration so that the constant increase in prices for goods and services for the population does not lead to a decrease in the purchasing power of the company's employees. The main goal of Novoсhrom social policy is to ensure a decent standard of workers’ living  who are provided with opportunities for maintaining a healthy lifestyle (in addition to the standard social package), the company also organizes free food for the manufacturing personnel, provides material assistance, supports organizing the rest of the employees and their children, conducts regular medical examinations and renders sponsorship for preschool and general education institutions.  The company supports war and labor veterans, former employees.  Significant funds are being used in implementation of social programs.