Description:  feed additive – Menadione sodium bisulphite or Vitamin K3

Trade name: Microvitam K3 MSB

Functional group

Product (description)


Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect

Microvitam K3 MSB

(menadione sodium bisulphite)

The product obtained in the process of chemical synthesis followed by filtration, crystallization and drying.


Consistency: granular fine crystal powder

Color: from white to light brown (a greenish or yellowish tingle is allowed)

Smell: specific

Mass content of water: 13% max

Mass content of chromium:  45 ppm max

Mass content of menadione: 51.5 % min

Storage conditions: in dry ventilated area in tightly closed containers, at temperature from 0 to 25°C and a relative humidity of 70%. Keep away from high temperatures and sunlight.

Retention period: 18 months if stored in uncovered original package. Use within 1 month after unpacking.

Package: box of corrugated cardboard with plastic bag liner, net weight  25 kg.

Marking: on the package there is a label with information: description of feed additive, description of functional group, company name and address, net weight, batch number, production date, retention period from date of manufacture, safety recommendations when using.

Intended use: for animal husbandry. For addition to premixes and compound feed for the purpose of improving the safety and productivity of all types of animals.

Purity: 96% min